Brontë Birthplace

Celebrating Creativity: A Look on Thornton’s First Art Trail

Arts Trail - birthplace

It was wonderful seeing all the creative, artistic, and Brontë enthusiasts visit the Brontë Birthplace for Thornton’s First Art Trail, held on Saturday, 29th June, from 11.00 am – 5.00 pm.

Organised by local resident artists and galleries and sponsored by local businesses, the trail featured 38 artists across nine venues. Visitors admired amazing art in this historic village.

Various art forms were represented, including the figurative paintings of Doug Binder, the skills of the Birstall Wood Turning Club, Bradford School of Art textiles, plus photography, poetry, collage, printmaking, monotypes, sculpture, mixed media, acrylics, illustration, murals, and more.

The Brontë Birthplace was one of the key venues to display artists’ work while renovation was taking place. It was a pleasure to see parts of the birthplace alive with the works of diverse artists. Leeds-based artist Teresa Flavin was one of those artists to showcase their work.

Her acrylic painting, “Deepening Still the Dreamlike Charm,” inspired by the Brontë sisters, was displayed prominently using Yorkshire-made acrylic paints. Teresa’s piece added a dreamlike and lyrical touch, resonating deeply with the Brontë heritage. Other artists included Mick Chapman and Kimberlee Middleton.

The arts trail was a free event, covering a mile-long route through Thornton. The event was a testament to the rich artistic talent and community spirit in Thornton, with the Brontë Birthplace being an inspirational reminder of what legacy and raw talent can do for many visitors.