Brontë Birthplace


The Brontë Birthplace will not be a museum. It will not simply be a place where Brontë loving tourists can stay and soak in the atmosphere or locals will meet in a sociable space to chat awhile. Our aim is to use the little house with all its history and all its legacy to inspire future generations to follow their dreams and believe in themselves and all they can achieve, just like three young girls from Bradford did two centuries ago.

Here in this humble home were born three sisters who believed in the power of story telling to bring to light social injustices of the day. They focussed on inequality of money, class, background, gender and race. Prejudice and judgment were at the heart of their novels and the issues they tackled with passion and without fear are equally relevant today, particular for young people in Bradford. We need to share that story.

Their story is as powerful as any of the novels they wrote and as relevant today in subject matter. A recent study by the University of York suggests 9 out of 10 young people in Bradford suffer from lack of wellbeing due to discrimination, poverty or bullying. It is our ambition that every school child from the same city as the Brontës and beyond who struggles with self doubt, who has ambition that they hardly dare even dream of, will stand by the very fireplace where the sisters were born and take courage from their story.

Under the banner Be More Brontë they will be asked to commit to their hopes and dreams. They can even write of them on our Ambition Wall just as the Brontë children wrote of theirs in their little books as children. They will be given a key to the door of the house on Market Street where the Brontë story began and be told to unlock a world of possibilities. They will be invited to create art, poetry and stories inspired by three sisters who were masters of such creativity. But above all they will be told of the story of three girls from Bradford who like them, dared to dream, and their dreams came true. That is the legacy of the Brontë Birthplace.